Beat the Heat…and the Rush

unknown-1Beat the Heat

Heat got you down? Beat the heat with a cool treat. If you live in the South, it’s no secret that one of our best-loved drinks for cooling down is sweet tea. Have a favorite spot to get yours? Or is your recipe – or your great-grandma’s – the best you’ve ever tasted? Granted, we surely cannot top your family’s traditional recipe, but here’s one of our favorites. At any given time, you can find a chilled pitcher in our fridge!

The Early Bird

Now that you’ve beat the heat and you’re refreshed, it’s time to get planning on how to beat the end-of-the-year rush. Does your business have its holiday gift budget in place? Indeed, it may seem like there’s all the time in the world before Thanksgiving and Christmas. We won’t press the point by telling you just how many days remain. But we would like you to know that Gratitude Goodies is busy all year doing research and laying the groundwork to ease your holiday gift-giving stress.

Gift Basket R&D

Of course, the ideal gift basket doesn’t just happen. Consequently, our highly trained and innovative staff are constantly seeking out the best quality components for your  corporate gift-giving needs. Gratitude Goodies is committed to finding sweet and savory solutions that will consistently surprise and delight your clients and business associates. In fact, we’re on the road now doing just that. Stay tuned for details!

Go Ahead ~ Be Elfish

So, finish that glass of sweet tea and pick up the phone and call the gift basket design professionals at Gratitude Goodies today. Get a jump on your holiday planning now. As ever we ask, “How may we help you?”

We thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

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