Administrative Professionals’ Day

Administrative Professionals' Day gift ideaAre you thinking of a special gift for Administrative Professionals’ Day? Do you have an invaluable secretary, receptionist, administrative assistant you’d like to acknowledge? Indeed, Gratitude Goodies knows all about the value of recognizing the efforts of all team members. Although any day is good, this year – April 26th – is the special day to show your gratitude!

Showing Support for Support Staff

In fact, tangible gifts can send a powerful message of thanks – as well as appreciation and encouragement. Gratitude Goodies can provide personalized gift baskets that go miles above just giving a mug. (Seriously, how many mugs does one need?) As a matter of fact, a gift without thought can even send a negative message to the recipient.

Making It Personal

With that in mind, we are here to help you make a positive impact with thoughtful, tasty treats for all those that help make your business the success that it is. Whether you want to tailor gifts to a particular taste, color scheme, or what-have-you, give us a call today to talk about how we may serve you. Our creative consultants are standing by to help make your Administrative Professional’s Day one to remember…

As always, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Tax Crunch Time Gifts

Tax Crunch Time Gifts

It’s crunch time! Scratching your head about ideas for tax crunch time gifts for your accountants and tax preparers? It’s EZ. Look no further than Gratitude Goodies, where we carefully craft gourmet gift baskets (crunchy or otherwise) that would be welcome additions to any accounting office any time of year. But especially now, during their busiest season.

C.P.A. for Your C.P.A.

C is for Chocolate – We just know that your tax preparers would truly appreciate a fine assortment of elegant chocolate treats, such as those found in our Ultimate Chocolate Basket or Gourmet Chocolate Trays. After all, they’re working heroic hours and performing Herculean feats to make sure your numbers are correctly crunched by the tax deadline on April 18th.

P is for Peanuts – Studies have shown that eating peanuts (unless you’re allergic, of course) can promote brain function, as well as provide energy for your valued tax specialists to breeze through your tax return preparations. To that end, we have Georgia-themed gift baskets that feature this powerhouse legume. And pralines and much more, too!

A is for Apples…and all kinds of other mouth-watering fruit found in our fruit baskets and dried fruit & nut trays. No doubt, this bountiful harvest can provide healthful snacking goodness to aid them in finding all those juicy deductions.

Indeed, we’ve even got you covered if you want a customized mix of all of the above. Call us today to discuss your tax crunch time gifts; we’ll work with you to find the ideal solution!

Beyond Tax Crunch Time Gifts…Looking Ahead

Certainly, you’re no stranger to the “time flies” concept. So it’s not too early to be thinking about Administrative Professionals Day – coming Wednesday, April 26th.

As always, we thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Less Taxing Tax Time


Tax Time Goodies

Here at Gratitude Goodies, we can help you have a less taxing tax time. This year, the income tax filing deadline is Tuesday, April 18th…a little over a month from now. While we can’t actually do your taxes, we’re here to ease some of that accounting angst.

Use Your Ol’ Bean(s) at Tax Time

How can we assist you? Easy! We can help you harness the brain-boosting powers of the divine cocoa and coffee beans. Noted psychologist Merrill Elias states, “We found that people who eat chocolate at least once a week tend to perform better cognitively.” (Who are we to argue that point?) Therefore, better cognition leads to clearer minds for figuring those 1040s & deducing deductions. Visit our website today to view a selection of our gourmet gift baskets. In fact, many feature fine chocolates to aid you with this taxing task.

Brew for Banishing Those W-2 Blues

Chocolate and coffee? Trust us, we know first-hand about the transformative properties of coffee. Our mornings would not be complete without our daily java infusion. In the same boat? Then check out our Coffee ‘n’ Chocolate Basket, which includes a quality assortment of hand-picked items themed around this dynamic duo. Dig into this gift basket and you’ll have those forms done in no time.

Of course, not to leave out our tea-loving folks (tea being the No. 2-ranked beverage in the world…topped only by water), we proudly offer our Time For Tea Basket; this lovely ensemble features a charming porcelain tea set, an assortment of fine teas, and gracious accompaniments. After all, doing your taxes doesn’t have to leave you feeling barbaric.

Show Your Accountants Some Love

However, if you have an accountant or firm handling your financial books, what better time than tax season to express your gratitude for their services? True, they work diligently throughout the year for you, providing vital information to help ensure the smooth running of your ship. But during tax season, they shift into double overdrive. And as much as your accountants may love crunching numbers, they’d also enjoy crunching & munching the contents of a specially designed gourmet gift basket from Gratitude Goodies. Get in touch with us today to show your appreciation!

As always, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Perfect Fit Convention Gifts

Gourmet Chocolate Trays for Convention GiftsCalling all Company and Hotel Event Planners! No doubt, Gratitude Goodies is here to provide you with “perfect-fit” convention gifts. Although finding memorable gifts can be challenging, we ask you to avail yourselves of our extensive experience. From here on, put our gift-giving knowledge to work for you.

Beyond Conventional Convention Gifts

First off, you may need special gifts for guest speakers and esteemed guests/panel members. We know just how to make your VIPs feel all the more special with treats such as our Ultimate Chocolate Basket. What’s that you say? You’d been clued in that the keynote speaker prefers savory goodies? Not a problem for us. In fact, we have all your bases covered with tasteful gift baskets & trays – all reliably crafted and delivered.

Theme Team

Or, are you responsible for planning a themed convention? Sports-related, profession-related, hobby-related…let our expert designers work diligently with you to make a high-impact “Wow!” statement to your attendees with a convention gift that says “Welcome…we’re glad you’re here!” For example, we can craft customized swag bags, and even provide specific colors & contents to compliment your event or expo.

Turndown Gifts They Won’t Turn Down

By the same token, we’ve also got you covered if you need to source gifts for hotel guests that perfectly express thanks for their business. Again, we’re talking perfect fit here. In a number of surveys asking what they’d prefer as a hotel gift, most people responded that food and beverage gifts were most appreciated…especially if they’re representative of the area. Case in point, check out our Sweet Georgia Hamper.

Whatever your convention gift needs, call us today to discuss the perfect-fit possibilities. Whether conventional or unconventional. As ever, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Our Motivation, Our Mission

Gratitude Goodies, driven to provide you with the finest corporate gift baskets and outstanding service!What drives Gratitude Goodies? What is our motivation? Simply stated, we love what we do. And we’re not just saying that because today’s Valentine’s Day. So, what do we love, what are we passionate about?

1. Helping Others is our Motivation

To start, we love to help businesses say  “thank you.” Communicating appreciation is a vital act for businesses. Did you know that the reason a whopping two-thirds of people who leave a job do so because they don’t feel appreciated? Dare we say that the same applies for client retention? Although you may be uneasy or unsure about how to show your employees & clients that their business association truly matters, Gratitude Goodies is here to help you.

2. Creating

It’s true, we love to find new ways for businesses to say “thank you.”  Going miles beyond the company-branded coffee mug or pen, Gratitude Goodies provides expert assistance in designing your custom-made gift baskets and trays. Need special ribbons, color combinations, or tailored contents? You got it! We even delight in doing our “homework.” Throughout the year, we attend the country’s finest fancy food shows to hand-select the best treats to incorporate into your exquisite gifts.

3. Making a Difference

We love to use delectable delights to create positive change. And you’ll make a difference, too, just by sharing your appreciation with tangible treats. When the recipient enjoys the gift basket you sent, it can transform your business relationship in subtle ways, making it more personal, yet still tasteful and appropriate.

4. Making Smiles

We love seeing the recipients’ reactions – what we like to call the “shock and awe” factor. They’re just going about a typical day, when in we walk with the goodies you’ve sent. Three…two…one…and there it is. Watching those warm smiles spread makes our day. In fact, we bask in this kind of thing!

5. Seeing the Cycle

Lastly, we love seeing the gift giving go full circle. For example, a client hires us to design and deliver a gift. Then, the recipient calls us to say “thank you,” and perhaps reorders and reengages. Indeed, referring and connecting clients is so fulfilling; strengthening our business community is of prime importance to us.

As ever, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Fancy February Chocolate Delights

Chocolate Delights - Gratitude Goodies Gourmet Chocolate TrayFancy February chocolate delights shouldn’t just be for Valentines. Why should starry-eyed couples reap all the benefits of these tantalizing treats? Yes, chocolates surely are an ideal gift for this sweetheart-of-a-holiday. But, there are proven studies showing it actually has healthful benefits (when consumed in moderation, of course).

Guilt-Free Goodness from Chocolate Delights

For example, did you know that consumption of chocolate at least once a week can improve your thinking and/or mood? It’s true that cognitive ability and mood have been shown to be improved by eating chocolate. In fact, studies have even shown it may help reduce cholesterol. Yes,  even aid with cardiovascular issues. Thank you, cocoa beans and chemistry!

 Raise Their State of Mind

On that note, we invite you to let Gratitude Goodies help you boost your employees’ and clients’ mindset, morale, mood, and gratitude with our chocolate delights. You know that when it comes to giving gourmet chocolate, we have just what you need. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate. And, we creatively customize your gifts to your heart’s content. And theirs, too!

Meet Gratitude Goodies Chocolate Lovers Basket  – a deluxe assortment of chocolate treasures featuring locally sourced and nationally known products from purveyors of fine sweets. Also, there’s the Gourmet Chocolate Tray. The name says it all.

But, do you really want to really send them over the moon? Then take a peek at our Ultimate Chocolate Basket; it’s a real knockout! They won’t be able to decide what to sample first.

Don’t hesitate to call us now if you want your order to be received for Valentine’s Day! Tune in next time when we’ll share a few of the reasons why we do what we do.

We <3 our customers ~ Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies | | 770-886-9598

Showing Client and Employee Appreciation

coffeenchoc-300x256This year, how will you be showing client and employee appreciation? Undoubtedly, not an easy task…unless you set your mind to it. First of all, you have to see this as one of your prime management goals. Namely, you have to want to create a positive work environment. An environment that will foster company loyalty and support growth.

What’s In It For You If You’re Showing Client and Employee Appreciation?

Increased Employee and Client Retention – Surely, it’s no secret that many valued employees and clients leave because of perceived lack of appreciation. And undoubtedly, you’ve invested your time and resources training your employees and/or cultivating client relationships. You don’t want to lose those highly regarded relationships.

Increased Productivity – Personally, I’ve seen the results of rewarding employees and clients for their efforts. In fact, I’ve witnessed the workplace atmosphere transformed completely by a simple “Thank You.” Just try it.

What Better Time To Show Your Appreciation?

Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming…and that day is not just for sweethearts. It’s a perfect opportunity to express client and employee appreciation with a gift of chocolate scrumptiousness! Now, if you’re feeling the love (and we know you are), give us a call; we can design a custom gift for your can’t-do-without employees and clients.

Administrative Professionals Day Is Coming

Thinking ahead, may we invite you to think about considering your gifts for Administrative Professionals Day? It’s not too soon to get in touch about that special employee who has your back, gets your coffee, and all the while addresses the day-to-day demands without a blink of an eye. We have just the thing for them…

For all your gifts of gratitude, we’re here. As ever, much success to you. Thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies | | 770-886-9598

Building Community

Gifts for Building CommunityAre you interested in building community? Of course, there are many definitions of “community” and countless ways to go about developing one. If this sounds like something you would like to do to enhance your business while at the same time cultivating great local business relationships, we are here to help.

Gratitude Goodies has been serving the metro Georgia area (and beyond) since 2009 – providing meaningful expressions of thanks in the form of tailored tasty treats for all occasions and budgets. Indeed, what better way to build a community than connecting through a tangible show of appreciation? A heartfelt smile, a thank you note, a gift basket, some sort of recognition saying, “We appreciate you…We appreciate your business. What can we achieve together in 2017?”

Building Community as a New Year’s Resolution

No doubt, we’ve all made resolutions that we haven’t kept. But here’s one you can almost certainly keep – to grow professionally this year. Is there a current (or potential) business associate or client you would like to express gratitude to? If so, it’s not too late to wish them an abundant new year. Call us today to let us help you get started.

Speaking of community, there’s no question about it. For sure, we do love our home here in Forsyth County! Yet, our community circle is ever-widening to Atlanta and throughout Georgia, so won’t you join us? How may we help you build your community?

All best wishes to you and yours in the new year. Thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies | | 770-886-9598

Last-Minute Christmas & Holiday Gift Baskets

Large Size Sweet Holiday Gift Baskets from Gratitude GoodiesLooking for some last-minute Christmas or holiday gift baskets? Admittedly, we’ve been in that hot seat before, which is why we can relate. And, it’s also why we’ve been working hard all year doing the legwork behind the scenes to make sure we have all the ingredients to fill your every special order. Yes, even this close to when the ball (or peach) drops!

Quite possibly, you know people that you still need to find gifts for… and odds are very good – perhaps almost a sure thing – that they love chocolate. If so, meet the Chocolate Lovers Basket (pictured); it’s loaded with tantalizing treats that will ensure a sweet ending to the year for your treasured clients. In fact, we have many options for chocolate lovers. Case in point, feast your eyes on our Sweet Holiday Baskets available in sizes ranging from Small to Grande. Dash on over to our website to see some of our other sweet & savory selections. Or call us today to give us the 4-1-1 on your gift-giving needs.

Use Your Year-End Budget Surpluses for Holiday Gift Baskets

Also, now’s the eleventh hour to use the company’s remaining annual budget allotted for corporate gift giving and employee recognition. What better time than now to give holiday gift baskets? In fact, creating a positive, encouraging work environment is one of the best ways to show tangible appreciation for your clients and staff. Totally eliminating client and employee gifts should not be an option in any climate.

It’s almost time to flip the last page on the calendar. Please place your New Year’s orders by December 30th to ensure timely delivery. As ever, how may we help you?

From our home to yours, may all your holidays be merry & bright. Thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies | | 770-886-9598

Our Gourmet Chocolate Trays Are Sleigh-Ready

Gourmet Chocolate TraysStill shopping? Glittering Gourmet Chocolate Trays from Gratitude Goodies are sure to make the holidays merrier and brighter for those who receive these palate-pleasing presents.

Presumably, you’ve heard the expression that “you eat first with your eyes.” Well, these beauties are a visual feast – and since we hand-deliver our local orders, we’ve personally seen countless smiles bloom as we walk through the doors carrying these tempting trays of treats. (Pictured are a recent batch of special holiday trays.)

Each elegant tray is hand-picked and individually wrapped with care by our professional gift stylists. Whether it’s a small, festive office party or a larger-scale event, Gratitude Goodies has tray sizes that serve from 12 all the way to 60–70 people. Have a particular color scheme or theme in mind? Call us and we’ll customize your gifts to fit your needs.

Beautiful Inside & Out 

Of course, the joy doesn’t stop with the sight of them; these luscious gifts have style and substance, which would explain why the Gourmet Chocolate Trays are among our best-selling items. Each features an assortment of rich chocolates and goodies to charm all your clients. For example, they may nosh on artisanal chocolate-dipped Oreos, Nutter Butters, or Bavarian pretzels. As if that isn’t enough, you may find them calling dibs on the Lindor truffles or Ghirardelli squares. Contact us to discuss our additional gourmet chocolate tray options.

Because the end-of-the-year holidays are fast approaching, we strongly urge you to place your Christmas orders by December 19th and New Year’s orders by December 30th to ensure timely delivery. We’ll get our (s)elves right on it. How may we help you?

Indeed, we send all best holiday wishes from our family to yours. Thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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