Beat the Heat…and the Rush

unknown-1Beat the Heat

Heat got you down? Beat the heat with a cool treat. If you live in the South, it’s no secret that one of our best-loved drinks for cooling down is sweet tea. Have a favorite spot to get yours? Or is your recipe – or your great-grandma’s – the best you’ve ever tasted? Granted, we surely cannot top your family’s traditional recipe, but here’s one of our favorites. At any given time, you can find a chilled pitcher in our fridge!

The Early Bird

Now that you’ve beat the heat and you’re refreshed, it’s time to get planning on how to beat the end-of-the-year rush. Does your business have its holiday gift budget in place? Indeed, it may seem like there’s all the time in the world before Thanksgiving and Christmas. We won’t press the point by telling you just how many days remain. But we would like you to know that Gratitude Goodies is busy all year doing research and laying the groundwork to ease your holiday gift-giving stress.

Gift Basket R&D

Of course, the ideal gift basket doesn’t just happen. Consequently, our highly trained and innovative staff are constantly seeking out the best quality components for your  corporate gift-giving needs. Gratitude Goodies is committed to finding sweet and savory solutions that will consistently surprise and delight your clients and business associates. In fact, we’re on the road now doing just that. Stay tuned for details!

Go Ahead ~ Be Elfish

So, finish that glass of sweet tea and pick up the phone and call the gift basket design professionals at Gratitude Goodies today. Get a jump on your holiday planning now. As ever we ask, “How may we help you?”

We thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

Making A List…

Making a ListThis summer, Santa is making a list and you should be, too. Certainly, it’s not too early to start pondering your end-of-year gift giving strategy. Especially if you’ve promised yourself that this year you’ll have it planned well in advance. In fact, Gratitude Goodies is here year-round for all your gourmet gift basket needs.

The A-List

Although making your gift giving list may seem daunting – “What level of spending for who?” – we find it’s easier if you make a three-tiered list. First, think of all the potential gift recipients and write down their names. Who do you want to show that you appreciate your business relationship? Or, to whom do want to express that what they do matters?

Making a List – Your ABCs

Okay, so you’ve got your full list. Next, determine your overall gift giving budget. You don’t want any surprises for (or from) Accounting. Now, here’s where you set to the task of sorting your full list into tiers…your List A, List B, and List C. If you find that you need more tiers to suit your needs, go for it. Add as many as you like. Then, assign a dollar amount per gift for each tier or list you’ve created.

Gourmet Gift Baskets for All

Finally, you just pick up the phone and call the gift basket design professionals at Gratitude Goodies. Since all of your front legwork is done, you can rest easy knowing that each person on your lists will receive a thoughtful expression of your gratitude. Go ahead and put our many years of experience in the gourmet gift basket business to work for you today! How may we help you?

As always, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company! Happy 4th of July to all!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

Planning Ahead

santa_beachHello, and welcome to summer! (At times, it seemed like it would never get here.) Even as many of you folks are starting to get ready for vacation, Gratitude Goodies is planning ahead for the coming season. Sure, it’s summertime…and time for a little rest & relaxation, right? We totally hear you on that score, but we are busy, busy, busy…planning, planning, planning.

A Field That Is Rested

Ovid (remember him?) said, “Take rest; a field that is rested gives a bountiful crop.” By the same token , we here at Gratitude Goodies have had some quality time recently to rest & recharge our batteries. Quality time spent with cherished family and friends, filled with laughter and love. (In case you’re asking, we highly recommend something similar.) One of the results?

Planning Ahead…That Battery Bunny Has Nothing On Us

Indeed, allowing ourselves that precious time to rest has super-charged us. We are brimming with fresh ideas that we cannot wait to share with you! Ideas that will be sure to please your clients, customers, and employees. Okay, are you at a loss for creative ideas to surprise and delight them? Let your fingers do the walking and call us.

Perfect Gift Baskets At Your Fingertips

Of course, when you call us you don’t get a cookie cutter experience. Instead, you get personalized & attentive service. Here, we believe the love we feel for our work is reflected in our gorgeous gourmet gift baskets and stunning specialty treats. So, call us today and let’s get growing your business connections. Together.

As always, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

Blooming Baskets and Boxes

Blooming Baskets and BoxesIt’s almost summer and we have blooming baskets and boxes to delight your clients! No matter what the spring weather has been in your neighborhood, Gratitude Goodies has the ability to bring the joys of this sprouting season to you. That’s right. We have a bountiful selection of gourmet treats, any of which can be adorned with floral accents. Our expert design specialists will listen to your needs and create just the right gifts to help your business grow.

Cultivating Strong Business Connections

Personally, do you like to have your accomplishments and/or business relationships recognized? Of course you do, it’s human nature. Consequently, it stands to reason that your associates and clients would very much like to feel they’re appreciated as well. By giving tasteful, personalized corporate gifts – such as those from Gratitude Goodies – you’re showing your sincere appreciation. But be forewarned of a possible (desired) side effect; a well-tended “garden” is likely to produce a bumper crop.

Blooming Baskets for Healthy Roots

For example, let’s think about your company’s roots. Not to be neglected, your company’s client base and employees need nourishment. Studies show that sending something thoughtful at least once a year – especially if it’s unexpected – keeps you in their minds throughout the year. After all, the people who help make your company great are priceless. In fact, they can help make your business even more fruitful.

How May We Help You Sow Seeds of Gratitude?

And if you want to go above & beyond the garden variety of treats to show your appreciation, call Diane or Marian today to get started. Oh. In July, we’ll be attending a special convention. Ultimately, we’re always learning new ways to surprise and delight our customers! Stay tuned for details.

As always, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

Surprise and Delight Your Guests

Delight Your GuestsLooking for ways to surprise and delight your guests? If you’re in the tourism or recreation business, Gratitude Goodies has unique amenity gifts for your patrons and customers – gifts that will be sure to wow them. Nope…no mundane can of soda & bag of peanuts here. Our Dried Fruit & Nut Trays are a small example of the variety of our wares.

Never a Dull Moment

Just as you want your visitors to experience the most positive experience while staying with or visiting you, Gratitude Goodies can provide you with VIP gift options that are anything but boring. After all, you don’t want your regular valued customers – your frequent flyers – to receive the same gift on consecutive visits. Indeed, how boring and predictable would that be?

Variety Is The Spice

In fact, our gift basket design specialists will work with you to ensure that your VIP gifts will consistently please and delight your guests. Of course you know the benefits of providing top-of-the-line hospitality…one main plus being customer loyalty. Not to mention that a satisfied customer is highly likely to recommend your business to others.

Word on the Street

No doubt, word of mouth advertising in its most organic form starts with you, the service provider. And Gratitude Goodies can help give you an edge by providing a variety of VIP gift options that reflect your commitment to customer service excellence. When you call us, you’re not getting an assembly line. You’re getting a responsive, creative team inspired to help make your business shine.

How May We Help You?

Call Diane or Marian today to get started. We’re here to serve.

As always, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

Welcome Gifts

paper-boxes-readyGratitude Goodies has just the welcome gifts you need to help you make your events more memorable & special. Who doesn’t appreciate a freebie? Especially when it shows your sincere appreciation of your business relationship and/or their patronage.

Sweet Memories

At our Gratitude Goodies creative lab, we have the Sweet Tooth cravers covered. For example, our Truffle Boxes can be customized with your photo, logo, or themed message. Tailored treats make a terrific impact! And let’s not forget our Gourmet Chocolate Trays, with sizes serving 12–70 people.

Savoring the Moment

Although we adore chocolate, we have plenty of savory gift-giving options. Case in point, check out our Petite Cheese Board. Indeed, this would make a splendid welcome gift for a new home (Psst…hey Realtors!) It’s no secret that sending gifts to people that help make your company great has been shown to improve your bottom line.

Welcome Gifts That Wow

In the same way that you appreciate a warm welcome when you get home, your customers & guests will be delighted if you take that extra step to ensure a feeling  that your door is always open for them. At Gratitude Goodies, we are seasoned professionals when it comes to Hospitality and Events. Casino, cruise line, and lodging professionals – We can provide tangible and tasty treats to your clientele, further showing your commitment to their well-being and happiness.

How May We Help You?

Call Diane or Marian today to get started. We’re here to serve.

As always, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

Hospitality…At Your Service

Hospitality Gifts and BeyondHey, hospitality providers. While we’ve been busy this week crafting Administrative Professionals’ Day gift baskets and treats, Gratitude Goodies is at your service all year round. For whatever occasion. (An aside: Administrative Professionals’ Day is tomorrow. But this entire week is a perfectly acceptable time to recognize the work of your invaluable support staff. Think of all they do for your business!)

Above and Beyond for the Hospitality Industry

As a matter of fact, Gratitude Goodies has the drive, imagination – and the variety – to assist those in the business of coordinating conventions and hotel events. We are ever looking forward to providing unique, memorable gift baskets for your upcoming celebrations and gatherings. Need something to ideally express your hospitality? We have years of experience and are here for you.

Always Ready to Help Wow Your Guests

Whether it’s turndown gifts they won’t turn down or customized gifts for guests of honor, call the creative professionals at Gratitude Goodies today. Then we can help to set your hospitality business apart from the pack. In fact, our Georgia Mini Tower would be just one example how you can showcase Southern delicacies. No doubt, native Georgians, transplanted Georgians, and visitors from everywhere else will delight!

Shh…Surprise Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. This year, it’s May 14th. Indeed, we have something special for all the moms out there too. Samples of the oodles and oodles of savory and sweet choices are on our website. Hey, does Mom deserve some pampering? If so, check out our relaxing Spa Tray. Rejuvenation mission status: COMPLETE.

As always, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

Administrative Professionals’ Day

Administrative Professionals' Day gift ideaAre you thinking of a special gift for Administrative Professionals’ Day? Do you have an invaluable secretary, receptionist, administrative assistant you’d like to acknowledge? Indeed, Gratitude Goodies knows all about the value of recognizing the efforts of all team members. Although any day is good, this year – April 26th – is the special day to show your gratitude!

Showing Support for Support Staff

In fact, tangible gifts can send a powerful message of thanks – as well as appreciation and encouragement. Gratitude Goodies can provide personalized gift baskets that go miles above just giving a mug. (Seriously, how many mugs does one need?) As a matter of fact, a gift without thought can even send a negative message to the recipient.

Making It Personal

With that in mind, we are here to help you make a positive impact with thoughtful, tasty treats for all those that help make your business the success that it is. Whether you want to tailor gifts to a particular taste, color scheme, or what-have-you, give us a call today to talk about how we may serve you. Our creative consultants are standing by to help make your Administrative Professional’s Day one to remember…

As always, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

Tax Crunch Time Gifts

Tax Crunch Time Gifts

It’s crunch time! Scratching your head about ideas for tax crunch time gifts for your accountants and tax preparers? It’s EZ. Look no further than Gratitude Goodies, where we carefully craft gourmet gift baskets (crunchy or otherwise) that would be welcome additions to any accounting office any time of year. But especially now, during their busiest season.

C.P.A. for Your C.P.A.

C is for Chocolate – We just know that your tax preparers would truly appreciate a fine assortment of elegant chocolate treats, such as those found in our Ultimate Chocolate Basket or Gourmet Chocolate Trays. After all, they’re working heroic hours and performing Herculean feats to make sure your numbers are correctly crunched by the tax deadline on April 18th.

P is for Peanuts – Studies have shown that eating peanuts (unless you’re allergic, of course) can promote brain function, as well as provide energy for your valued tax specialists to breeze through your tax return preparations. To that end, we have Georgia-themed gift baskets that feature this powerhouse legume. And pralines and much more, too!

A is for Apples…and all kinds of other mouth-watering fruit found in our fruit baskets and dried fruit & nut trays. No doubt, this bountiful harvest can provide healthful snacking goodness to aid them in finding all those juicy deductions.

Indeed, we’ve even got you covered if you want a customized mix of all of the above. Call us today to discuss your tax crunch time gifts; we’ll work with you to find the ideal solution!

Beyond Tax Crunch Time Gifts…Looking Ahead

Certainly, you’re no stranger to the “time flies” concept. So it’s not too early to be thinking about Administrative Professionals Day – coming Wednesday, April 26th.

As always, we thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

Less Taxing Tax Time


Tax Time Goodies

Here at Gratitude Goodies, we can help you have a less taxing tax time. This year, the income tax filing deadline is Tuesday, April 18th…a little over a month from now. While we can’t actually do your taxes, we’re here to ease some of that accounting angst.

Use Your Ol’ Bean(s) at Tax Time

How can we assist you? Easy! We can help you harness the brain-boosting powers of the divine cocoa and coffee beans. Noted psychologist Merrill Elias states, “We found that people who eat chocolate at least once a week tend to perform better cognitively.” (Who are we to argue that point?) Therefore, better cognition leads to clearer minds for figuring those 1040s & deducing deductions. Visit our website today to view a selection of our gourmet gift baskets. In fact, many feature fine chocolates to aid you with this taxing task.

Brew for Banishing Those W-2 Blues

Chocolate and coffee? Trust us, we know first-hand about the transformative properties of coffee. Our mornings would not be complete without our daily java infusion. In the same boat? Then check out our Coffee ‘n’ Chocolate Basket, which includes a quality assortment of hand-picked items themed around this dynamic duo. Dig into this gift basket and you’ll have those forms done in no time.

Of course, not to leave out our tea-loving folks (tea being the No. 2-ranked beverage in the world…topped only by water), we proudly offer our Time For Tea Basket; this lovely ensemble features a charming porcelain tea set, an assortment of fine teas, and gracious accompaniments. After all, doing your taxes doesn’t have to leave you feeling barbaric.

Show Your Accountants Some Love

However, if you have an accountant or firm handling your financial books, what better time than tax season to express your gratitude for their services? True, they work diligently throughout the year for you, providing vital information to help ensure the smooth running of your ship. But during tax season, they shift into double overdrive. And as much as your accountants may love crunching numbers, they’d also enjoy crunching & munching the contents of a specially designed gourmet gift basket from Gratitude Goodies. Get in touch with us today to show your appreciation!

As always, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies |  |  770-886-9598

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