Calling All Mortgage Companies

Calling All Mortgage CompaniesCalling all mortgage companies! Are you a mortgage broker or mortgage company employee involved with establishing strong business relationships with area realtors? If so, Gratitude Goodies is here to help you do just that.

Marketing to Attract Clients

Being an intermediary, your job involves marketing not just to prospective home buyers but to realtors as well. Indeed, home buyers (particularly first-time buyers) can benefit tremendously from the guidance of a mortgage broker…someone who can help them find the best mortgage product that’ll suit their needs.

On the other hand, realtors can also benefit from the assistance of a mortgage broker. Typically, mortgage brokers work with many different lenders. Because of this, they can help the prospective buyer find the best deal, which in turn eases the whole real estate closing process. A realtor’s dream.

Calling All Mortgage Companies

So yes…as a mortgage professional, your role in property buying is very important. But how do you keep in the front of the minds of realtors with whom you occasionally work? One way – and we might say the best way – to do so is to thank them. Not complicated, right? Especially if you have the gift basket design specialists here at Gratitude Goodies on your team.

Special Treats for Realtors – For Real

Not only can we create the ideal “thank you” gift for them, we can aid you in finding the appropriate price point, too. Our years of experience can assist you in walking that tightrope. Namely, finding that sweet spot between possibly offending your client by spending too little and possibly turning them off by spending too much.

In Closing

Of course, the bottom line is the message you’re sending with your gift to your business associate…a message of gratitude and goodwill. So, how may we help you today?

And as ever, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Welcome Seniors to a New Home

Welcome SeniorsHow do you welcome seniors to a new home when they can no longer care for themselves? Indeed, there may come a time when one has to make the difficult decision – for whatever personal and/or medical reasons – to help an aging parent or loved one move to a senior health facility. We know that the decision can be an emotional, complex one.

New Beginnings for Seniors

Okay, it’s after the holidays. Families have spent time together over good meals, laughter, and conversation. But now the commotion of December is slowing and people are thinking of how to best care for their folks when they are no longer able. Everyone wants their mom or dad to have excellent care, opportunities for socializing, and quality of life while in assisted living. Surely, resistance to the change from independence can be felt by all parties. So, how do you help ease the transition?

Welcome Seniors with Savory and/or Sweet Delights

After all, they are moving to a new home. So why not greet them with a “housewarming” gift basket from Gratitude Goodies? (Just today, we delivered multiple gifts to two such senior health facilities. You should have seen the joy!) Of course, we can prepare custom-made baskets to suit the palates of most any recipient. We’re not saying that the gift will take your place. Not ever! However, it may just help ease the initial “settling in” period. In addition, it’ll be a gift expressing your gratitude for all they’ve done for you over the years. (Consequently, if you are in the business of elder care management, why not be part of the welcoming committee yourselves? It just makes sense.)

Looking Ahead

Valentine’s Day is not far away. And February 14th is not just for romantic relationships any more. Business relationships can be strengthened, too. Call us today to see how we may help you ~

And as ever, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Ring In The New Year

Ring in the new yearWant to ring in the new year keeping your name in the minds of your clients and business associates? Okay, okay…the season got away from you and you’ve missed the boat for December’s holiday gift-giving opportunities. We won’t tell. We know it can happen. Not to worry, though, because Gratitude Goodies will work with you to provide custom-made gift baskets. Gifts that will have them toasting to you in the new year.

New Beginnings

Let’s face it. January can be a pretty blah month. Colder temperatures, the post-holiday blues, less daylight…all these factors can dim the spirits. But that doesn’t have to put a damper on things – including your business relationships. It’s a new year, with plenty of opportunities ahead for new partnerships, new business leads, and preparation for new growth.

Ring in the New Year with Style

Okay…how to prepare for new growth? How about elegant gift baskets, towers, or trays that show your genuine gratitude toward loyal and prospective clients? Our gift basket design specialists have decades of combined experience in providing just such treats. (Metallic silver and gold themes often associated with the new year? We’ve got ‘em!)

Of course, our years of service let you gift confidently – getting the best value for your gift-giving budget. Not sure of what to choose? Just put our expertise to work for you!

Tasteful Gift Baskets for Any Reason or Season

Although we generally think of December as prime gift-giving time, your business can truly stand out by remembering your business associates at any time of year. And what better time than now. Indeed, call today to see how we may help you.

At the threshold of 2018, we would like to wish you & yours an abundant, joyful new year. And as ever, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy

Holiday Gift GivingHo-ho-ho! If you’re starting to fret, don’t worry. Let Gratitude Goodies help you with your holiday gift giving. Indeed, it’s certainly not too late to place your holiday orders. (And now’s the perfect time to put the remainder of your 2017 corporate gift budget to best use.) Our elves are standing by to make creations that’ll wow your clients and employees. Put our years of gift basket design experience to work for you today!

Spreading Good Cheer with Holiday Gift Giving

With the daylight hours growing shorter, what better time to spread some good cheer? Don’t fancy running all over creation to sort out your gift giving needs? Gratitude Goodies can provide you with meaningful, gourmet gift basket treats for all those on your gift giving list. For example, check out our delightful Elegance or Sweet Expressions basket selections. On the other hand, do you want to mix it up? Then, see our Sweet & Savory line of baskets would bring joy. To be sure, Gratitude has all your recipients’ tastes covered…carefully crafted creations that’ll be sure to spread good cheer.

Spreading Good Will

The dictionary defines “good will” as friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings or attitude. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize the value of building business relationships that promote good will. And business relationships strengthened by good will are more likely to weather the little economic “storms” that pass through now and then. Here at Gratitude Goodies, we’ve seen firsthand how our gift baskets have promoted good will – and all the ripples that go along with it!

Don’t Delay – Order Today

So in order to ensure your gifts arrive on time, we urge you to place your Christmas and end-of-year orders by December 19th. We’re well-stocked and excited to design your tasteful tempting holiday treats. So be in touch!

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Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving

Once again, it’s time to wish you & yours a very happy Thanksgiving! You are the reason we love doing what we do so much. Indeed, we thank all of you for your business this past year!

Christmas Creations

And of course, it’s not too late to have the Gratitude Goodies elves craft your extra-special holiday gift baskets. In order to ensure your gifts arrive on time, don’t forget to place your Christmas and end-of-year orders by December 19th. We’re well-stocked  and ready to design your tasteful tempting holiday treats. So call us soon!

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Saying Thank You

Saying Thank YouTrue, saying thank you is wonderful to do all year. But, we’re fast approaching Thanksgiving Day – the holiday that’s all about giving thanks. You can just feel it in the air…the change in the angle of the light and the cooler temperatures. Time to “harvest.” Yet, how do you harvest your crop and sow seeds for the coming business year?

Be Outstanding

Although a simple sincere thank you is adequate in many situations, some occasions call for something a bit more…well, special. Particularly in the business world. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying that people may forget other things, but what they’ll remember most is how you made them feel. (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.) By calling us for your holiday gift-giving needs, you can be assured your corporate clients and customers will feel royally appreciated.

Be the Kings & Queens of Saying Thank You

Ultimately, you want to thank your business associates with something special as the year draws to a close. In other words, you want the recipients to feel the “WOW.” You want them to remember how your gift made them feel. To that end, our gift basket design experts are here to help. Our team has years of experience providing tasteful tempting treats for all occasions. (Indeed, we’ve seen the surprised and delighted looks on the recipients’ faces when we make our deliveries!) Make that call today.

Atlanta Area Holiday Market

Lastly, join Gratitude Goodies at the Shoppe Holiday Market in Atlanta this Friday through Sunday (November 10–12). Where? Booth 405 at the Cobb Galleria Centre. Call us to receive your special promotional code to save money on your online purchase of event tickets!

And as ever, we thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Holiday Prep Plans

Holiday Prep PlansCalling all shoppers – are you ready to do holiday prep plans in a fun atmosphere?! If so, join  Gratitude Goodies at the Shoppe Holiday Market in Atlanta from November 10–12. Tell us…are you prepared for the holidays? Have you even begun to think about it? If the answer is “not so much,” join us at Atlanta’s Cobb Galleria Centre in November. There, you’ll find wondrous ideas for all the people on your Nice List. Of course, Gratitude Goodies will be on hand with plenty of tempting tasty treat suggestions. Yes, gourmet gift basket ideas for all!

Holiday Prep Plans…and a Workshop Too

Not only will we be there with the goods to help you breeze through your holiday gift-giving list, there’s more! On Saturday November 11th, we’ll be hosting a festive Thanksgiving-themed gift basket workshop (available to Workshoppe ticket holders). Stop by Booth 405 at any time over the three-day celebration; you definitely won’t want to miss this event.

Special Offers for Special People

For tickets, visit Shoppe Artisan by clicking here. And don’t forget to use your savings code. To sweeten the deal, we have these special offers for you:

$2.00 off general admission tickets – Use promotional code Gratitude

$5.00 off the WorkShoppe package – Use promotional code Gratitude5

What’s more, your tickets are valid for all three days. Looking forward to seeing you there!

And as ever, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Holiday Workshop Soon

Holiday Workshop SampleThis November, we invite you to join Gratitude Goodies holiday workshop at the Shoppe Holiday Market in Atlanta! Indeed, you’ll be wowed. Undoubtedly, this venue is Atlanta’s premier destination for the highest-quality handmade goods, featuring treats lovingly crafted for you & those on your holiday gift list. Consequently, the Shoppe Holiday Market could very well be your one-stop shop for making and taking. And we’ll be there, too!

Save The Date(s) – Holiday Workshop

From November 10–12, you can visit us at Cobb Galleria Centre (Two Galleria Parkway) for the festivities. FYI, we’ll be at Booth 405. Stop by and say hello. For sure, you won’t want to miss this exciting event. In addition, if you purchase a Workshoppe ticket, you can attend our special Thanksgiving-themed gift basket workshop on Saturday afternoon.

Gourmet Foods for Every Taste

Of course, you know that Gratitude Goodies has a vast selection of gourmet goodies. And surely, we have mouth-watering delicious treats for everyone on your holiday shopping list. And if this isn’t enough to get you to head on over for the pre-holiday fun, we have these special offers for you:

$2.00 off general admission tickets – Use promotional code Gratitude

$5.00 off WorkShoppe packages – Use promotional code Gratitude5

For tickets, visit Shoppe Artisan by clicking here. And don’t forget to use your savings code. What’s more, your tickets are valid for all three days. We look forward to seeing you there!

As ever, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts from Gratitude GoodiesCertainly, personalized gifts in the corporate world reflect the thoughtfulness of the gift giver. And indeed, unexpressed gratitude is a missed opportunity to show your business associates just how much you value them. Surely, you’ve heard the expression, “Ignore them and they’ll go away.” Of course, this is definitely not what you would want to happen with your business associates.

Making It Personal

No doubt, Gratitude Goodies offers a bountiful selection of customizable corporate gift giving options. In so doing, we can help you increase the impact of your gifts. How? By providing the memorable service of including a handwritten, personalized note with your gift of thanks. If you’re not sure what to say, we can tailor a gracious note to suit your particular needs. In this fast-paced age of email and instant communication, think of the effect that receiving a handwritten thank-you note would have on the recipient.

Personalized Gifts That Please

One other thing…along the line of personalization. Do you happen to know that your client is a fan of a particular sports team? If that’s the case, we can craft a tasteful tempting gift basket that features their favorite team’s colors. Or do you happen to know that your business associate has a fondness for chocolate? Gratitude Goodies has you covered. Oh, do we ever have you covered on that front! And our Chocolate Lovers Basket is just one of many, many options from which to choose.

Talking Turkey

Tick, tock. Thanksgiving is closer than you think. Consequently, it’s time to act now. Contact us today to get your holiday corporate gift giving plans in motion.

And as ever, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company! We value your business.

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Giving Thanks

Giving ThanksThe traditional annual time for giving thanks is approaching quickly. (Of course, that doesn’t mean that we can’t remember to express our gratitude throughout the year.) Writer G.K. Chesterton once stated, “When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” With gratitude. In fact, that feeling is so much engrained in this business endeavor of ours that we made “gratitude” part of our name. Yes, it’s that important to us.

Showing Your Appreciation by Giving Thanks

At Gratitude Goodies, we have the professional experience, the drive, and the creativity to help you with your corporate gift giving needs. As a business person, we understand that your days may be generally hectic. We know…overseeing projects & personnel, tackling the many issues that arise daily, and keeping the ship on course. While this may be true, it doesn’t mean that help is not available to you when it comes to expressing your gratitude to valued clients and employees.

Your Gratitude Go-To Team

Presently, Gratitude Goodies is highly geared up to assist you with your end-of-year corporate gift giving. Like busy elves, we’ve been laying the groundwork for months now! So, no matter the size or volume of your holiday corporate gift budget, we’ve got you covered. And not just the run-of-the-mill stuff. Indeed, we have unique gifting solutions such as our Sweet Georgia Hamper and Georgia Gable Box; these themed beauties feature tempting treats with a Southern flair. Think mouth-watering Georgia peaches, pecans, and Vidalias. Oh, and plenty of chocolate too! Custom orders are certainly welcome.

Being thankful… While we’re at it, please know that we are ever grateful for your patronage. Thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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