Increase Your Odds

Increase Your OddsHow do you increase your odds of making your business more successful? If you’re in the casino gaming industry, it’s certain that you want to maintain – or better still – improve your customer retention. True, there are many ways to cultivate patron loyalty. (Not surprisingly, the same methods can apply to countless other industries.)

Ignore Them and They’ll Go Away

Indeed, we may have first heard the saying, “ignore them and they’ll go away” when we were children. At the time, it was sage advice for getting rid of unwanted attention, such as taunts from a playground bully.

Flash Forward

But now, the phrase still holds true. Only this time, you want to be sure to do the opposite. In other words, you want to attend to those business-customer relationships to strengthen them…so they don’t “go away” for lack of attention.

Indeed, it’s much easier on many levels (especially time- and money-wise) to keep business relationships rather than to forge new ones. (Although, that’s not to say that new customer acquisition is unimportant. Hardly! We’ll talk about that more another time.)

Increase Your Odds

Let’s face it. These days, there are many gaming outlets from which people can choose. So, what would tip the odds in your favor to maintain – or even reestablish – their patronage?

Of course, all the components of extraordinary customer service come in to play here. Of prime importance, though, is keeping your business in the minds of your client base.

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