Perfect Fit Convention Gifts

Gourmet Chocolate Trays for Convention GiftsCalling all Company and Hotel Event Planners! No doubt, Gratitude Goodies is here to provide you with “perfect-fit” convention gifts. Although finding memorable gifts can be challenging, we ask you to avail yourselves of our extensive experience. From here on, put our gift-giving knowledge to work for you.

Beyond Conventional Convention Gifts

First off, you may need special gifts for guest speakers and esteemed guests/panel members. We know just how to make your VIPs feel all the more special with treats such as our Ultimate Chocolate Basket. What’s that you say? You’d been clued in that the keynote speaker prefers savory goodies? Not a problem for us. In fact, we have all your bases covered with tasteful gift baskets & trays – all reliably crafted and delivered.

Theme Team

Or, are you responsible for planning a themed convention? Sports-related, profession-related, hobby-related…let our expert designers work diligently with you to make a high-impact “Wow!” statement to your attendees with a convention gift that says “Welcome…we’re glad you’re here!” For example, we can craft customized swag bags, and even provide specific colors & contents to compliment your event or expo.

Turndown Gifts They Won’t Turn Down

By the same token, we’ve also got you covered if you need to source gifts for hotel guests that perfectly express thanks for their business. Again, we’re talking perfect fit here. In a number of surveys asking what they’d prefer as a hotel gift, most people responded that food and beverage gifts were most appreciated…especially if they’re representative of the area. Case in point, check out our Sweet Georgia Hamper.

Whatever your convention gift needs, call us today to discuss the perfect-fit possibilities. Whether conventional or unconventional. As ever, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

Diane Campbell | Gratitude Goodies | | 770-886-9598

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