Tea Mug

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Tea Mug $14.95

Nestled in an over-sized mug, this design is overflowing with everything you’ll need for a perfect cup of tea. Filled with an assortment of soothing teas, each arrangement also comes with flavored Glory Bee Honey Sticks, as well as shortbread fingers and a silky bar of cherry-laced dark chocolate.

– Tea Mug
– Cherry & Almond Dark Chocolate Bar, 1.3oz.
– 4 Stash Teas, Asst. Flavors
– Glory Bee Honey Sticks (Mint, Lemon, Clover)
– Walker Short Bread, 2pk.
– Silver Plastic Spoon
– Tea Candies, Assorted

*Baskets and components are subject to change based on availability.