Baby’s First Impressions

Baby's First Impressions

Baby’s First Impressions $98.95

This soft, delicate arrangement comes snuggled within a lovely white hamper and comes with goodies that are aimed to lovingly calm and soothe. For baby, there are cozy booties, a plush receiving blanket and a yellow chick or green turtle, and for Mom, there is an artisan candy box filled with an assortment of Birnn Truffles. Specify Boy (Blue/Tan), “Girl (Pink/Yellow), or Unknown (Green/Yellow) in the shopping cart.

– White Hamper, 13″ x 10”
– Yellow Chick or Green Turtle Wash Puppet
– Baby Spoons
– 3-pc. Manicure Set
– Peek-a-Boo Turtle
– Tower of Time Hand Print Kit
– 2 Pair of Booties
– 2 Sippy Cups/Cereal Holders
– 8 Washcloths
– Receiving Blanket
– Custom 4-pc. Chocolate Truffle

* Baskets and components are subject to change based on availability.