Christmas in Georgia, Small


Christmas in Georgia, Small $43.95


Our Christmas in Georgia baskets bring warm Season’s Greetings to all who receive them. They contain a tasty selection of flavors found throughout the state. Praline Pecans, Grits Bits, peach tea, pecan divinity, as well as Georgia peanuts and peach cookies. Send this in and out of the state for that special Southern charm.

– 8″ dia. Wood Bark Basket
– Edibelle’s Peach Cookies, 3.5 oz.
– Peppermint Truffle Cocoa
– Grits Bits, 3 oz.
– Nutcracker Cookie
– Praline Pecans, 2.5 oz.
– Ahmad Peach/Passion Tea
– Peach Bites Hard Candy
– Peaches & Pecan Chocolate Bar, 3.2 oz.
– Pecan Divinity
– Pecan Roll, 2 oz.
– Georgia Peanuts, 3/4 oz.

* Baskets and components are subject to change based on availability.

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