Flavors of Georgia, Medium


Flavors of Georgia, Medium $59.95

Our Georgia-themed baskets are wildly popular. It’s because the flavors of Georgia like peaches, pecans, and peanuts are revered. This Flavors of Georgia gift contains all the products and flavors of Georgia. Peach cider, Grits Bits, peach cookies, pecan roll, praline pecans, Georgia peanuts, peach tea, pecan divinity, and touches of holiday cheer all assembled to keep Georgia on the mind of those who receive it.

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– 10″ Round Wood Bark Basket
– Edibelle’s Peach Cookies
– Grits Bits
– Dillon’s Chocolate Covered Cherries
– Peppermint Truffle Cocoa
– Praline Pecans
– Prissy’s of Vidalia Peach Cider
– Peaches & Pecan Chocolate Bar
– 3 Ahmad Peach/Passion Teas
– Jelly Belly Christmas Mix
– Pecan Divinity
– Nikki’s Gingerbread Boys
– Georgia Peanuts
– Nutcracker Cookie
– Peach Flavored Caramel Popcorn
– Southern Pecan Coffee
– Pecan Roll

* Baskets and components are subject to change based on availability.