Tower Collection


Tower Collection, $34.95

This tower is a collection of sweet, savory and snack items. You could call it a sampler. From cheese and crackers to snack mix and popcorn and even a box of chocolate covered goodies, this gift has it all.

Holiday Red Boxes:
Fall Copper/Olive Boxes:
Non-Seasonal Blue Boxes:


– Elki Savory Crackers
– Glacier Ridge Cheddar Cheese Spread
– J&M Cheese Straws
– Tavolare Savory Snack Mix
– Peach Flavored Caramel Popcorn (Our own proprietary flavor)
– Chocolate Covered Pretzel
– Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookie
– Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cookie
– Chocolate Covered Sugar Wafer
– Chocolate Covered Marshmallow
– Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker
– DeMet’s Turtle
– Bon Courage Truffles

* Baskets and components may change based on availability.