Time For Tea

Time for Tea

Time for Tea $61.95

Throughout many parts of the world, tea is regarded as an important component of everyday social interaction and traditional culture. Loaded with an abundance of health benefits and the ability to soothe and calm, the lightness of tea creates a classic gift that is highlighted in this basket. With an assortment of cookies and chocolate to go along with a sampling of Ahmad Teas, we’ve even included a four-piece porcelain tea set, as well as a variety of fragrant Glory Bee Honey Sticks.

– 9″ Natural Bamboo Drop Handle Basket
– White Porcelain Teaset, 4pc. (Saucer, Cup, Teapot & Lid)
– Assortment of Ahmad Teas
– Glory Bee Honey Sticks (Mint, Lemon & Clover)
– Godiva Chocolate Bar
– 2 Ferrara Rocher Candies
– Green Tea Latte Candy
– Dolcetto Lemon Wafer Rolls
– California Tea Wafer

*Baskets and components are subject to change based on availability.