Showing Client and Employee Appreciation

coffeenchoc-300x256This year, how will you be showing client and employee appreciation? Undoubtedly, not an easy task…unless you set your mind to it. First of all, you have to see this as one of your prime management goals. Namely, you have to want to create a positive work environment. An environment that will foster company loyalty and support growth.

What’s In It For You If You’re Showing Client and Employee Appreciation?

Increased Employee and Client Retention – Surely, it’s no secret that many valued employees and clients leave because of perceived lack of appreciation. And undoubtedly, you’ve invested your time and resources training your employees and/or cultivating client relationships. You don’t want to lose those highly regarded relationships.

Increased Productivity – Personally, I’ve seen the results of rewarding employees and clients for their efforts. In fact, I’ve witnessed the workplace atmosphere transformed completely by a simple “Thank You.” Just try it.

What Better Time To Show Your Appreciation?

Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming…and that day is not just for sweethearts. It’s a perfect opportunity to express client and employee appreciation with a gift of chocolate scrumptiousness! Now, if you’re feeling the love (and we know you are), give us a call; we can design a custom gift for your can’t-do-without employees and clients.

Administrative Professionals Day Is Coming

Thinking ahead, may we invite you to think about considering your gifts for Administrative Professionals Day? It’s not too soon to get in touch about that special employee who has your back, gets your coffee, and all the while addresses the day-to-day demands without a blink of an eye. We have just the thing for them…

For all your gifts of gratitude, we’re here. As ever, much success to you. Thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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