Be the Early Bird

Early Bird

Are you an early bird? Here we are again, right around the corner from Thanksgiving. And to think that we laughed at our elders when they told us that time moves faster as you get older. Now, we couldn’t agree more! (A nod and thanks to the folks over at Scientific American for the brief explanation of why this seems so.)

That said, we’re here to encourage the inner “early bird” in you to consider all the positive outcomes of making Thanksgiving time your company’s time for corporate gift giving.

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks. Thanksgiving. It’s right there in the name. Actually, Thanksgiving may be one of the best holidays – if not the best holiday – to express your gratitude to your clients and employees in a politically correct way. Indeed, you can avoid that potential faux pas completely by using Thanksgiving as your “go to” gifting time.

Not only is it politically correct, it’s also near enough to the other end-of-year holidays as to make a strong early impression. As a result, your gifts will stand out more, potentially helping you build even stronger business relationships with your clients.

A Harvest of Goodies for the Early Bird

Indeed, we’ve been early birds ourselves. For months and months now, Gratitude Goodies has been carefully planning and preparing for this time of year. Consequently, we’re ready to serve you with a vast selection of stunning gourmet gifts to fit a wide range of tastes and budgets. From sweet to savory, from trays to towers…we have you covered. Call today and tell us how we may help you become early birds.

Our Sincere Thanks

We truly appreciate your business during the holidays – and all year long. As ever, thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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