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Get Personal

Psst…let’s get personal. Well, just in regard to your business branding. Business branding can play a large part in the success of your company. Case in point, most of us can easily identify the logos of such companies as Nike, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola. In fact, their iconic logos have become trusted consumer signposts. So you […]

Planning an Extraordinary Convention

Is your business looking for a place to hold an extraordinary convention? If so, look no further than Atlanta, Georgia – you know…The ATL, Empire City of the South, The Big Peach. Incidentally if you’ve never been, what are you waiting for? Atlanta Has It Going On Recently, we attended an event with the Atlanta […]

Sweet Referrals For You

Ah…sweet referrals. True, we’re generally a social species, sharing information with each other all the time. “Say, do you know a good (_________)?” (e.g., handyman, pet groomer, insurance agent, realtor, etc.) Or, “What was that recipe for those wicked good biscuits you made last week?” You get the idea. We value referrals. Indeed, what business […]

Little Gestures Can Make a Large Impact

Of course, you’ve heard the expression – “Nice things come in small packages.” That said, we truly do believe that little gestures can make a large impact in life. For example, imagine the effect over time of taking the stairs versus the elevator…or taking a moment each day to to smile at someone or hold […]

Administrative Professionals Day

Hey bosses…did you know that Administrative Professionals Day is this week? In fact, it’s this Wednesday, April 25th. So, now is the time to call Gratitude Goodies to help you get your gratitude on! It’s not too late to do just that. Acknowledging Your Office’s Helpful Heroes Okay, we challenge you try to write a […]

Convention Door Prizes That’ll Wow

Attention Event Planners: Is it part of your job description to arrange for expo and/or convention door prizes that’ll wow? Or goodie bags? Or swag bags? Well then, Gratitude Goodies has the goods for you. Door prizes and the like are perfect items to build business, create a buzz, and elevate the spirit of a […]

Staying Connected

From a business standpoint, do you ever wonder what the value is in staying connected with and showing appreciation for your clients throughout the year…and not just at the end of the calendar year? For instance, what would be the advantages of regularly acknowledging those clients that make up your customer base? We feel there […]

Increase Your Odds

How do you increase your odds of making your business more successful? If you’re in the casino gaming industry, it’s certain that you want to maintain – or better still – improve your customer retention. True, there are many ways to cultivate patron loyalty. (Not surprisingly, the same methods can apply to countless other industries.) […]

Calling All Mortgage Companies

Calling all mortgage companies! Are you a mortgage broker or mortgage company employee involved with establishing strong business relationships with area realtors? If so, Gratitude Goodies is here to help you do just that. Marketing to Attract Clients Being an intermediary, your job involves marketing not just to prospective home buyers but to realtors as […]

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving Once again, it’s time to wish you & yours a very happy Thanksgiving! You are the reason we love doing what we do so much. Indeed, we thank all of you for your business this past year! Christmas Creations And of course, it’s not too late to have the Gratitude Goodies elves craft […]

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