Customized Gift Baskets

Customized Gift BasketsAt Gratitude Goodies, we carefully design customized gift baskets, trays, and towers just for you – during the holidays and all year long…gifts that will be sure to wow all your clients, associates, and employees. Or whoever may be on your “nice” list.

Details, Details

Well, how does Gratitude Goodies make your gifts stand out? Indeed, there are many magical ways in which our industrious design team makes that happen. But, one of our absolutely favorite ways is to create your gifts using customized color themes based on your corporate colors.

True, your company’s colors are part of your overall branding. Just look at the red & white logo of that soda brand you love. Or the iconic rainbow of color in the logo for your go-to Internet search engine. Or that certain green & white logo on that cup of specialty coffee on your desk. Not to mention the colors of your favorite sports teams. The list goes on.

Color Their World with Customized Gift Baskets & Treats

While there are countless studies written about the psychology of color, we believe in the bottom line that color has the ability to add positive emotions to experiences. Consequently, we know that using your corporate colors as a theme for your gifts this season will elevate the whole experience for your gift recipients.

In turn, this makes the event of receiving even more memorable. After all, it’s said that we eat first with our eyes. But, that “wow” feeling won’t stop at the eyes. We craft our gifts with care using quality gourmet treats. (Yes, we can even include a customized truffle box with your logo and message. Call us for details.)

Season of Gratitude

As we move closer to the start of winter, we send you warm wishes and thank you for making us Atlanta’s #1 signature gift basket company!

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