Pet Sympathy Gift Basket

Petite $24.98+ Small $49.98+ Medium $74.98+ Large 99.98+ X-Large 149.98+

If you’re looking for a pet sympathy gift, we have the perfect gift for people who have recently lost their pet.

With pet loss gift baskets you’ll get a stuffed animal, a frame for your pet’s picture, some chocolate, cookies and other snacks to help you through the tough time.

When a pet dies, it is hard for the person who loved it to know what to do. A pet sympathy gift basket offers an opportunity to show that you are thinking of their loss.

A pet sympathy gift basket is a thoughtful way to provide comfort in the time of grieving the loss of a pet. It provides something that will last after the initial feelings of sadness have passed. Looking for pet loss gift baskets?

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