Votive Candle, Wine Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Champagne Flutes, Cutting Board, Sparkling Cider, Butter toffee Pretzels, Beef Summer Sausage, Three Pepper Watercrackers, Mini Mustard, Spreader Knife, Spanish Olives and Sonoma Jack Cheese Wedges. Choose sparkling water or their favorite wine.

Petite: $26.98 Small: $54.98 Medium: $76.98  Large: $99.98 X-L: $149.98 +

You don’t have anything to bring to a picnic? We can create the perfect custom picnic gifts from blankets to wine glasses to picnic baskets. Are you looking for romantic gift basket ideas for couples? Customers say “I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place before.” If you’re going to a picnic, make sure you have everything you need! The Masquerade Picnic Gift is Perfect for a romantic picnic. Looking for other picnic gifts?

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