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List-Makers, Unite!

List-makers, unite! Of course, there are countless types of lists out there…from the weekly grocery shopping list (which you hopefully did not leave on the kitchen counter), to the “Honey Do List,” to your Top 10 Favorite Movies of All Time list. The possibilities are endless. Indeed, pick a subject and there’s a related list […]

Holiday Planning? Done!

At Gratitude Goodies, we already have our holiday planning and shopping done. Can you believe it?! Although the end-of-year holidays may seem like they’re eons away, we all know how time flies. (I mean, wasn’t it just Memorial Day?) Laying the Groundwork In fact, last week we actually submitted our holiday orders. This way, we’ll […]

Five Tips For Easy Holiday Gift Giving

Stumped about where to start planning your holiday gift giving? It doesn’t need to be SO stressful. Seriously, it doesn’t. Try our 5-point plan… 1.   Prepare a list of recipients. Actually, we suggest making a list, then dividing those names into three categories, based on your personal wishes – we call them the “A,” […]

Just Peachy

The day was June 16, 1982. That momentous day when President Ronald Reagan legally proclaimed August “National Peach Month.” As you can imagine there was much rejoicing throughout the nation, yet probably nowhere more so than in the Peach State – you’ve got it, right here in our very own Georgia. Mouth-watering peaches. What can […]

Christmas in July

Busy, busy, busy. This past May, June, and July, Gratitude Goodies has been quite busy going to a number of fancy food shows and expos – all so we can plan our ordering for the holidays. (You just know it goes from July to November in what seems like zero to sixty.) In our recent […]

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