Promote your brand or send a message with these artisan truffles.  We print your logo or message in-house for your convenience, for no additional charge.  (Add your logo on a box to any gift!)

4 Piece $8.98   &   9 Piece $14.98

We specialize in Corporate Branding.  We can include product packaging or ribbon in your company’s colors, print edible images on select food products or add your logo, slogan or personalized message to your order.  We print in-house for your convenience.  You can upload your image in the shopping cart when finalizing your order.

Here is how to place an order:

All of our gifts are custom, therefore, you will get to speak directly with a gift specialist by email.

It’s really easy…Just click here and send an email.

Please put “online order” in the subject line and then tell us a bit about what you would like. Seriously it’s that easy!

Your gift specialist will respond within 24 hours to help you pick out the perfect custom gift.